Unlock or Delete: The Darkness II Demo (Xbox 360)

After missing out on a chance to play it back at Pax East 2011,  The Darkness II demo finally made its way to the Xbox Live Marketplace recently, and I just had to check it out. The demo itself is around 1.4GB and is currently available on the Xbox 360. The big question you’re probably dying to ask is, “Is the demo any good?” Well, after giving it a go, I have to say that it was a very fun, but very short lived experience that should reinstate people’s faith in this franchise.

The Good: Executing enemies in different ways with the demon arms was extremely fun and easy to do. The presentation as a whole has a very cool cinematic feel to it. Voice acting is really good as well; each character portrays their part with a lot of emotion and tenacity that really immerses you into the game’s overall atmosphere. Controls are simple and easy to understand as well; there were never any moments in which I felt confused about what to do next.

The Bad: The demo was really short, around 10 minutes or so. Other than that, nothing.

Final Demo Verdict: Yes please. Bring this game out now so I can perform some more gruesomely awesome kills as many times as my little heart desires.

I went with the 360 version because it’s where I store all of my achievements, even though you can’t get them from playing a demo.