Unlock or Delete: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo (PS3)

It has been a week since the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo dropped and if you’re a fan like me then you already played it, but for those that haven’t checked it out, is it worth downloading? What are we to expect from this sequel that we haven’t seen from the first game? Did it change my mind on purchasing it on day one? All these are good questions fpr such a high profile game. After playing the demo for two hours, I am convinced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is better than it’s predecessor. The anticipation for the game’s release is now at its greatest level.

The demo is about 1.7GB and is currently available for the PSN and XBLA.

The Good:  The gameplay mechanics have been tweaked in a positive way. Now, when you take damage, a portion of the character’s life meter will be solid red instead of being empty, meaning that you can only gain health if you have some red in your life meter. The heads-up display is much more improved and for the first time in the series, there will be some cinematic sequences that require you to press buttons, making the cut-scenes more interactive.

Fighting certain monsters and defeating them will make the creatures turn into crystals, allowing you to capture and use them to fight along your side. Crystarium, the leveling up system is simpler, easier, and what appears to have only one path of direction. The story seems a lot more interesting with a antagonist that is more exciting and not as boring as the previous one in Final Fantasy XIII. The music has a good mixture of what we’d expect from traditional FF, with some added singing and rapping vocals while you fight.

The Bad: I played for 2 hours and couldn’t get enough.

The Ugly: Why couldn’t we have the same release date as Japan?????

Final Demo Verdict: Yes please! This demo will tie you over till the game releases later this month.

I went with the PS3 version cause that’s where all my platinums are stashed. 

Final Fantasy fans, don’t forget FFXIII-2 releases Jan 31 2012, Pre-order and get $10 Bonus Credit via Amazon!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Xbox 360