Soulcalibur iOS Listed for $15.99 WTF? Expensive or Fair?

Everything about the Dreamcast classic Soulcalibur coming to iOS was great news, until now. The game has just released via the Apple App store, and the game is listed for $15.99. Are they serious? Surely Soulcalibur is great, but even after the current 20% discount, the price seems a bit steep.

The regular price is listed at $15.99 and for a limited time, you can get it for $11.99. You can see the price via the app store here. What do you think, expensive or a fair deal?

Hopefully, this price doesn’t last long. The greatest thing about iOS games IMO, is the price. Take a game like Infinity Blade II, arguably the best hardcore game on the iPhone, its price is just $7.99. I would recommend y’all hold up for a price reduction.