Megaupload Is No More – CEO Swizz Beatz Gets Off Easy

Breaking news: The popular file sharing site, Megaupload, was shut down earlier today by the federal government after being accused of costing copyright holders more than $500 million in lost revenue from pirated films and other content.

According to the Associated Press, the Justice Department arrested several executives, including Kim Dotcom, formerly known as Kim Schmitz. Three other executives were arrested Thursday in New Zealand at the request of U.S. officials while two other defendants remain at large.

And if that wasn’t enough of a news shocker, rapper and producer Swizz Beatz revealed that he is the CEO of Megaupload, but was not named in the indictment. WTF? When did this happen? And why even reveal that he was the CEO? I would’ve been in Mexico sipping on a margarita by now.

With over 150 million registered users, Megaupload was quite possibly the largest file-sharing company in the world. The indictment comes a day after internet users across the globe, as well as industry giants such as Google, Wikipedia, and Reddit, protested the Protect IP act known as PIPA and said “Fuck SOPA.”

Here is a link to the indictment in full