Deadlight, For Xbox 360, is Looking a lot Like “The Last Of Us”

After its partnership announcement with Microsoft yesterday, Tequila Studios has now released the teaser trailer for the upcoming Xbox LIVE exclusive Deadlight. What you’ll find interesting are the similarities to the PS3 exclusive that was teased last year, The Last of Us

Here are the image comparisons, the first (or left) image is from The Last of Us and the second image (or right) is from Deadlight.

First video is that of Deadlight, the Xbox 360 LIVE arcade exclusive, due out this year.

This trailer is that of The Last of Us, a PS3 exclusive that was teased during the 2011 Video Game Award show.

What do you think?

  • Rayan farass

    it’s really not easy to know which one is better but in my opinion the last of us will be better