The Best and Easiest to Use Video Card Overclocking App

I’ve been wondering for some time now, what applications PC gamers are currently using to overclock their gaming rigs.  Back in the day when all of my gaming took place on a PC, I used RivaTuner to get some extra performance from my video card. Today, I came across an application that seems like the RivaTuner of 2012, and looks like it’s very easy to use.  If you are looking to get the best performance out of your gaming rig, check out MSI’s Afterburner application. The application works on nearly any video card, not just MSI-manufactured cards. Let us know if the app works out for you.

The Best Video Card Overclocking App for Windows

MSI Afterburner

Platform: Windows
Price: Free
Download Page


  • Change your core clock, shader clock, memory clock, and fan speed using simple sliders
  • Works on nearly any video card, not just MSI-manufactured cards
  • Turn on voltage tuning for super high overclocks
  • Built-in access to MSI’s Kombustor benchmarking tool
  • Monitor your clocks, voltage, fan speeds, frame rate, and more from the app’s drawer or from an on screen display during games
  • Save your settings to 5 different profiles for quick loading
  • Take screenshots and capture videos from your games with hotkeys
  • Fine tune the automatic fan control so you stay at the temperatures you want
  • Multiple different skins for changing the interface
  • Start with Windows or apply settings at boot, so your card is always overclocked


[via lifehacker]