The Future Transparent Touchscreen Window is Here

Samsung has revealed the future window at this year’s CES. Samsung calls it, “the transparent smart window.” You may have seen similar touch screen technologies in movies, but this bad boy is the real deal. Check it out for yourself.

  • Tim

    uhm don’t look that special really.. 

  • Blvdm2

    Isn’t the background fake????

    • LOL

      it’s not background you dumb ass, it’s transparent, and it means you can see what’s behind the screen….

  • I can see the use of some applications, but looks more like a fad.

  • JaiGuru

    The big issue with this as a home display option, is who wants the neighbors seeing everything….EVERYTHING…. you search or look at? This strikes me as something that would work great in airports or malls for maps and sales points, departure time searching etc etc, especially if more than one person can use it at a time. But as a home appliance, I am highly skeptical that there’s more than a niche market for it.

    • Robviously

      i hope you realize that she says its a 1 sided pane so they cant see you or what youre doing

      • JaiGuru

        I appreciate your pointing that out because I DID miss it. But that frankly supports my argument that it’s not a very useful technology for the home market. About the only place people are going to want such glass displays would be in their windows. The trend in homes today is for displays to take up as little space as possible as is illustrated by the fact that people will not purchase larger hi def televisions which would be every bit as clear and MUCH cheaper than the popular thinner alternatives. I don’t see people making more space in their home for another type of display. nor do I see this technology being anything remotely misconstrued as affordable in the next 15 years. I maintain that this is going to be a technology primarily with commercial applications.

        • Matt

          Bathroom mirror?

  • Nikka

    Does everything I own need to be “smart”? What if it freezes up and I want to just close the blinds? I’ll stick to a computer for computing, thank you.

  • Jimmy Savile

    To those saying they can’t see the point, you may be right, but history is full of people saying they couldn’t see the point of some idea or another, and that it would never catch on. One example in particular that comes to mind is the debate between the people who thought one day there would be a telephone in every town, and the people who thought there would never be a need for that many telephones. Once we get to the point where a screen like this is not significantly more expensive than a normal sheet of glass (probably sooner than you think) then really you have to ask why *not* have this instead of your windows.

  • Daniel

    What about having a HUD instead of a dash in a car. This could make that possible.

  • Guest

    Wow is everyone Joking? this thing is amazing. I can think of a thousand applications for this and in a few years when the price decreases this will be in every home and every place of business. Look at the hood its on in this video. having your computer right on your workspace. Once it can start interacting with objects in the background (which I’m sure is next) it will change everyone’s minds.

  • revlux

    This looks awesome but I would be terrified of something or someone breaking it. This would be ideal in an office setting where the window is on the inside separating the office from a hall or the briefing/meeting room imo.

  • Wow, this will be big … it’s easy to envision future use of this technology
    From cars where the windows transparency can be adjusted (for backseat sleepers) to saving space & making more fun in all kinds of Human-Machine interactions … and when you’r done, it transforms into a no-energy (or minimal stand-by energy) lightsource