Gamers Need Love Too; Gift ‘Em Like This

There are a lot of places selling video game paraphernalia, but professionally licensed products don’t always fit the needs of the consumers. Enter Etsy. This DIY ebay-esque website has provided a market for creative folks to toute their wares, including gamers. What’s great about Etsy is the wide variety of sellers and product options; the downside is that you have to sift through hundreds of products/sellers in order to find a few gems.

Luckily for you I’ve done a lot of that sifting, and in search of amazing video game related products I’ve tried to steer clear of the most widely produced items, mostly triforces and 8-bit classic character magnets. The products I’ve selected may not fit everyone’s interests, but it’s just a little taste of what you can find on Etsy, and since these are relevant to my interests, I’m excited about them.

GameBoy Classic iPhone Case

Look at the detail on this bad boy! Each case is printed on quality, water-proof neoprene, and personally assembled and stitched by the seller. That’s quality and hand-made care in one amazing and retro package for your phone. I remember owning a yellow GameBoy Classic when I was younger, and I would love to tote one around as a phone protector. This case is only $20 and the seller ships internationally!

GameBoy Color iPhone Skin

Thought it was a real GameBoy Color at first, huh? Yeah, me too. I was hoping to find the GameBoy Color that I owned, see-thru purple, but this one is just as rad. These iPhone skins look like the real deal and have an amazing amount of detail. The seller has options of deluxe ($10) and regular ($6) with a variety of colors and international shipping. I don’t know what’s stopping you from ordering one, other than not owning an iPhone or never having the privilege of owning a see-thru purple GameBoy Color.

Pokeball Droid 2 Skin 

Never fear fellow Droid owners, I would never leave you out in the cold. The same seller who brought you the GameBoy Color iPhone skin also has Droid 2 options. My favorite is the Pokeball, but these skins come in a variety of cool, retro, and interesting options. In my opinion, this one is the best looking and coolest, because I mean, Pokemon.

Pokemon Red Soap

Oh yes, it is soap. Imagine going to someone’s house and using their guest bathroom and instead of finding fancy guest soaps in the shape of shells (because how many bathrooms have you walked into with an ocean or sea shells theme? I’m betting a lot) you find soap in the shape of old GameBoy games. Old Pokemon games to be exact. When I first saw this I thought, This can’t be soap. But it is mon amis, it is. This seller has a variety of different game titles to choose from with Pokemon Red being my favorite because this was the version I played. At $5 a pop, international shipping, AND a strawberry rhubarb pie scent, I mean, come on. Delight yourself or your guests or a special someone [;)] with this realistic looking usable nostalgic great smelling soap.

Retro Microsoft Laptop Decal

I grew out of putting stickers on my things when I was like ten, and I’ve never been a fan of laptop decals, but this one caught my eye. I remember this being on my old Macintosh as I played Lemonade Stand. Best. Game. Ever. Anyway, I would totally buy this and put it on my own Mac, and at $5 with international shipping, how can you pass this up? You’ll look way cooler and much more retro than those hipsters at that one coffee shop you can never remember the name of but always see them at. Wankers.

NES Legend of Zelda 1TB Hard Drive

Speaking of old games played, this one is so pretty. Besides that, this hard drive is a cool and retro way to tote around your information. However, at $189.99 with U.S. only shipping, this would have to be a die-hard’s purchase. Good news is that the $189.99 price tag is for the 1TB hard drive; it comes in 750GB and 500GB sizes as well. It sports a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 depending on your preference, and you can also request a hard drive in another game title. Even if it’s too rich for your blood, it’s still so pretty *_*

Achievement Unlocked Panties

These cheeky panties will be the delight of your gamer partner, or someone who likes to be rewarded for good deeds. They come in sizes S-XL, are bikini cut, and only $14.99. Need I say more?

“I Choose You” Hand-Drawn Card

Tehehe this is so cute it just makes me want to roll around. If you have someone special in your life who loves Pokemon or cute things, I would totally suggest this card. It’s so adorable and sweet and silly. This Pokemon is a little overplayed, along with this line, but it’s still sweet and cute and adorable and endearing. This card is hand-drawn to order, and I would suggest that if you do purchase one you request that they draw in a tail for you. At ~$4.73 with international shipping, this is a thoughtful and cute way to show that you care for someone.

Harvest Moon 16-Bit Magnets

I haaaaate 8/16-bit pixelated anything, but these are Harvest Moon related. I know you must think that I love Pokemon, which is true, but nothing compares to my obsession with Harvest Moon. This game is my udder (get it?) favorite, and anything to do with it I freak out over. The cow, chicken, and heart sell for $20 with free U.S. shipping and international shipping options. I might just purchase these and have them sent to me in Korea…I just can’t express how much I love this game and how excited I was to have some little farm animals on my fridge. If you have ever played this game to the end, you know just how important these little fellows are.


That’s my list. Happy hunting on Etsy and enjoy, because that website is a great place to find unique, hand-crafted gifts.
(As a helpful hint, if you’re looking for video game related items, on the left-hand side menu click on “Geekery” and then “Videogame”)

  • Ah, I’ve always wanted a retro Mac logo like that!  Nice.

  • I would totally accept the Zelda TB HDD. The Pokemon soap is also cool.

  • MrB4

    The classic gameboy iphone case looks fantastic, and it would be really fun to freak somebody out with the Pokemon Soap too, lol.