Starhawk “Not So Public” Beta Begins Tuesday, January 17th

LightBox and SCEA Santa Monica have announced that the Starhawk public beta will begin on January 17th, however, the beta will be completely open to everyone until February 21. This may sound a bit confusing, but on the 17th, if you happen to have a PSN+ account or if you were part of the early private beta and still have your file on your PS3,  you’re in. If you have a voucher from the purchase of Uncharted 3, then you’re in on January 31st. If you have a regular PSN account, you will have to wait until February 21st to download the beta. Also, several gaming sites and Facebook will be giving out early beta keys. Here are the dates and links below.

(North American Starhawk Beta schedule)

PlayStation Plus

January 17: All PlayStation Plus subscribers and all Private Beta participants (who haven’t erased their original Private Beta files). You can learn more about PS Plus here.

Starhawk UC3 Voucher

January 31: UNCHARTED 3 Beta key holders. These voucher codes were found inside of North American copies of UNCHARTED 3.


February 7: Visit GameStop and PlayStation on Facebook and see how you can get early voucher codes.


February 14: (details to be revealed soon)

LOGO-PSN stacked vert pos copy copy

February 21: Everyone with a PlayStation Network account…in other words, everyone who wants in, gets in.

[via PSBlog]