Unlock or Delete: Asura’s Wrath Demo (PS3)

I had the chance to play the Asura’s Wrath demo on my PS3 last night. The demo is just under 1GB and is currently available for the PS3 and Xbox 360. So, how did I feel about this demo? Well, I’m going to start by adding that the game was not even on my radar of demos to try out this week, but after visiting a few gaming sites and reading how eager their readers were to play this, I decided to be a follower for once and download the shit out of this demo.

The Good: The demo is quite long. It offers two different stages/parts of the game and I played it for about 30 minutes. Not bad for a demo.

The Bad: The demo is filled with quick time events…no, wait. The whole damn demo itself is a quick time event. This was a huge turn off.

The Ugly: Choppy graphics and inconsistent difficulty level.

Final Demo Verdict: No thank you. Delete that shit!

I went with the PS3 version because the Dualshock 3 controller was the closest controller to the kitchen table where I was having dinner last night, in case you were wondering.