Sony Has Another 24-inch 3D Display, It’s Glasses-Free

In spite of Sony’s wide range of technologies and gadgets shown off at this year’s CES, they continue to strongly support the world of 3D. Last year during E3, Sony unleashed the 24-inch PlayStation 3D display. This year, they have revealed a 24-inch glasses-free 3DTV, along with a bigger model.

One T.V. is a 46-inch LCD with up to 4K resolution while the other comes in at 24-inches capable of 1080p. Sony did not reveal a release date or a price, but if these displays do in fact make it into the market one day, you will finally be able to host a night of gaming or movie watching without the worries of running out of 3D glasses. And of course, you will more than likely see another nice price drop to the current 24-inch PlayStation 3D display. That’s always good.

What do you think? Will this glasses-free 3DTV trend make a nice run in both gaming and movies? Or is this DOA?

Check out some of the images.

The PlayStation 3D Display is now only $399.99

  • Anonymous

    I would only like this because it’s glasses free, and for people who wear glasses this is always a plus. But personally, I don’t need a 3D tv so meh

    • Dudeguy006

      My main concern is if it will actually support 3d glasses and more importantly will it still support the simulview technology, this is way cooler than the 3d in my opinion and I would love to see it on a 46 inch or larger screen.