PlayStation 3 Video Editor “PlayMemories Studio” Announced

PS3 Video Editor “PlayMemories Studio” Announced!! It’s no longer a rumor, it’s official. It’s coming to the PS3, with the dualshock 3 being the simple editing tool. Memories Studio will allow you to edit photos and video via the PS3’s robust cell processor.

This can actually be a great addition to the PS3. We know the PS3 has the power to render video. Let’s just hope that Sony makes it into an easy to pick up and edit application.

In addition, Sony is aiming to bring Netflix to the PS Vita on day one – Sony announced via CES 2012. The PlayStation Vita releases February 22, 2012, or on the 15th if you get the nice 1 week early bundle. Just imagine Netflix on that beautiful OLED screen.

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It looks like PlayStation 3’s app, “PlayMemories” will be showcased at this year’s CES, but we have an early look for you today. An Engadget tipster has sent in an image (a blurry one, shown above) capturing “PlayMemories” in action.