Expect a New IP from Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics, the developers of the last four Tomb Raider games, have recently announced plans to release a new IP. While there are no specific details or hints on the direction Crystal Dynamics will be taking with this new game, it’s good to know that there’s life outside of Tomb Raider. A recent blog post via Square Enix members, studio community manager Meagan Marie, said the following:

“The New Year ushers in more than just fresh calendars and renewed resolutions. 2012 will prove to be a very exciting year for Crystal Dynamics, more so than any in recent memory. Not only will our team be eating, sleeping, and breathing Tomb Raider, but we’ll also be hard at work preparing to reveal exciting new intellectual property to the world.

A studio announcing a new IP for the year is typically not the most exciting news, but like Ms. Marie stated, their team has been eating, sleeping, and breathing Tomb Raider. With that in mind, we haven’t seen anything else other than Lara Croft for the past six years. Now’s the perfect time to concentrate on a new game and bring a fresh face to the gaming scene.

I’m hoping that they bring back Blood Omen or Soul Reaver from the Legacy of Cain series (who’s with me on that one?). The best I can do for now is cross my fingers and hope that Crystal Dynamics puts out some classics, in addition to the new IP.