Sony, Announce God of War IV Already. Gamers Have Evidence

Come on Sony, what’s the hold up? We already have numerous amounts of evidence leading to God of War IV. Let’s see, we know about the co-op feature involving Kratos and his brother Deimos, and the September rumored release date. We know people are working on the game via resumes posted online, and we won’t forget this…

We still remember when you accidentally leaked the image and commented about the game via the Mexican PlayStation Fan Page, stating a 2012 release. Yeah, must have thought we forgot, eh? Here is the image of the Facebook post that was taken down.

We have translated the Spanish post: “Kratos is back! GOW IV is now under development, commissioned by Santa Monica Studios. With a release date in 2012.”

Just announce it already!

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  • DarthDiggler

    Likely they aren’t ready to spool up the PR chain.  As a gamer fan I can understand you wanting to know everything right now.  But as someone who follows the industry I can see what happens when you start the hype train TOO early.  Homefront is a perfect example.  The game had some great features, but I feel like they let the cat out of the bag way too soon.

    Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the final title wasn’t God of War 4.  Rumors are this will be MultiPlayer and considering the end of GoW3 it may not be the continuation of GoW story that we know.

    • choices

      Thanks you finally someone with some sense. GoW 4 or whatever it will be called. Anybody remember the end of the game. Pretty much the end of the world all in 1 lump or is everyone forgetting this yes there might not have been no body of kratos there at the end. But that don’t mean he’s coming back. Be prepared for a new face of GoW.

  • the image is fake man.
    I’m talking about the GOW4 logo on facebook, it’s fan made.

    the game should be a spin off anyway

  • Anonymous

    I’m calling BS on this one, all major God of War have been released around march so a September release date….I doubt it. God of War is one of the Playstations flag ship games and for it to be announced like this is doesn’t make sense, Sony would atleast put out press release.

  • i want to play as kratos brother or maybe even his father or even ZUES! i dont want to play kratos in GOW4 let him die in peace sony

  • Darren Turnbull

    just playing shadow of collosus. Sony have made some truly amazing games. Still think GOW 1 & 2 are better than 3. Come on sony time to to push the boat out on this franchise. Let’s see what the  PS3 can do.

  • wow i had no idea this happened, somebody must have gotten fired

  • Joe

    You should really do some research before you post, Christ. That Mexican page was a fan page, and is in no way official. The “announcement” was fake.

  • Gov

    Im thinking they are saving Gow 4 as lauch title for PS4 in 2013 .
    Major titles like this are announced at least 1 year before release ,so expect some news at a major gaming convention like E3 or Gamescom .

  • Chan

    yeah the picture on the mexican fan page was fan art….