Final Fantasy X PS3 Remake Might Look Like This

When Final Fantasy X (originally on the PS2) comes to the PS3 as an HD remake, we’re hoping that it’s a complete remake running the FFXIII engine like it has been rumored, however, if that doesn’t end up happening, I think we’ll be OK with the standard PS3 HD remake after looking at the possibilities.

The following images were taken directly from a PCSX2 emulator video. The PCS2 emulator makes it possible to play PS2 games on your PC. Check out the images below.

Final Fantasy fans, don’t forget FFXIII-2 releases Jan 31 2012, Pre-order today!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Xbox 360

  • Screw FFXIII.
    I want FFX

    • Jimmy

      Screw FFX remake.
      I want FF VII remake!

      • dakunclear

        screw FF VII remake.
        I want FF 6 and 9 remade!

        • Kornfreak4500

          screw FF

        • Jack

          Screw ff 6! I want the best remade, ff vii!

          • Smo Inc

            screw ff7 remake I want a Ehrgeiz 2!!!

          • Cloud

             Screw Ehrgeiz 1 & 2 bring FFVII remake best FF/JRPG ever that’s where money is retards at SE bring it out already!

          • Chaox

            Screw FF7 remake Chrono Cross

          • Delusions Demise

            Remake v please 🙂

          • Boulayman

            Screw all of you, I want ff viii remake ! 😛

          • Leitch

            People who honestly think VII was the greatest achievement in FF history. Dohoho, silly peasants.

          • YourMom

            Screw that overrated FF7 garbage, FFX all the way.

  • Miles Greb

    This is not how it will look they are pretty much remaking the game not putting it threw a filter so i am forced to say: Cool Story Bro.

  • Link3190

    Didn’t like VII much, bring on X

  • quest

    Best FF ever made! Can’t wait!!

  • Laurence Reeves

    why would the images look like that if its being redone? this is just crappy images from the original game… wtf?

  • CupCakeOfDoom

    Screw Kornfreak4500 u shouldn’t even be commenting