Final Fantasy X HD Confirmed?

With the recent success of HD PS2 games coming to the PS3 with added trophy support, it’s no surprise that Square Enix (developers of the Final Fantasy series) will also try to capitalize on this with their fantastic list of games. In a recent interview with Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase, Yoshinori states that the Final Fantasy X HD remake is in early development and thinks that he will be involved to ensure the remake will have the same quality as the original.

However, it’s unclear if the game will only be an HD upgrade or a complete remake, but the rumors flying around the web imply the latter. If these rumors are true, this would mean that the game might be powered by the same engine powering FFXIII; including level and character design, and aeons all recreated from scratch.  This rumor has yet to be confirmed or denied by Square Enix.

While FFX would be a great game to replay in my PS3 and in HD, I feel that it hasn’t “earned” its rightful place, compared to the long awaited remake of FF7, (which was teased back in 2005 via a tech demo) or other fantastic PS1 titles like FF8 and FF9. There is also one more thing to take into consideration, if the game does become a re-release in HD, Square will have to add one more game to the collection in my opinion, perhaps FFX-2 or FFXII.

Whatever the outcome might be, it’s still too early to even anticipate what Square Enix will choose. Either way, I am positively sure that fans will be eagerly waiting to play an old Final Fantasy title on their PS3 or 360 in high definition.

[rumor and complete remake topic via Gematsu]