Corpse Party Coming to iOS

Corpse Party is one of those games that I have been wanting to play for some time now, but haven’t due to the lack of a PSP. Today, I’ve learned that the game is coming to iOS. I’m a sucker for horror/scary story driven games, so when I heard about the news, I had to share it wit y’all.

For those not familiar with the game, the game revolves around a group of eight students and one teacher. One of the girls in the group is transferring to another high school, so they all decide to perform a ritual to keep their friendship intact, even if they can’t be close to one another. Unfortunately, thirty years prior, the school was the site of a horrific kidnapping and the murder of innocent elementary school children. After the events, the school was torn down, and the new high school was built in its place. But the horrors remain. – via gamespot review.

The game is slated for winter, no specific data or price has been revealed.


[via Famitsu]