Can Best Buy Beat GameStop At Its Own Game?

I recently went to my local Best Buy to trade in a few games I don’t play anymore. Normally I’d go to Game Stop to do the trade in, but I was also planning on picking up a few Blu Rays as well. Twenty minutes later, I walked out of Best Buy with an awesome experience that will only get better with time.

It seems Best Buy is playing real aggressively in the used game market these days. Game Stop has always been the go to place when it comes to trade ins -well not anymore. Here is my story.

I took my 3 games to Best Buy and asked the girl how much store credit I would receive for trading in the titles. She told me I would be getting around $78.00 in store credit. My heart stopped when I heard that number, literally. I was hoping to walk away with $30 – $40, not $78. I asked the girl what each title was valued at and she told me. The gal also told me that they have a promotion going that gives you an extra 50% trade in value when trading in 3 or more games. The girl then asked if I was enrolled in their Gamers Club, I told her no and she proceeded to tell me about it. So, what does all this have to do with Best Buy taking over Game Stops used game market?

Here are a few advantages Best Buy has over Game Stop:

*Best Buy will always give you more trade-in credit than Game Stop.

*Gamers Club is similar to Game Stops paid membership, except Best Buys magazine comes with over $100 in gaming coupons – every month!

*Trade in promotions have been better than Game Stop’s promotions. (Example: Get 40% more trade in bonus when applying towards a pre order) -this seems to be a permanent promotion, however, I can’t confirm this.

* Best Buy price matches anything in the store, so video games will always be cheaper than Game Stop.

At the moment, it seems Best Buy is pushing hard to take over the used games market. One big negative that Best Buy has is the price of used games. Game Stop still has the cheapest used games, however, I feel the pros of Best Buy outweigh the cons.

If you have a similar success story at Best Buy, please feel free to share your experience.

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  • “my heart sank” usually means disappointment.

  • one promotion i know thats going on best buy online is the 20% off when u buy two used games managed to get at least 6 used games for about $60

  • Wayne Aker

    What games did you trade in?  And Rob, thanks for pointing that out; it stuck out like a sore thumb to me.  🙂

  • Goldeneye

    take this from me, to best gamestop they must accept older games to — snes n64 what ever they may be that should push alot of people including my self 

    • I really think you are better off selling your N64, PS, SNES game on ebay or You wouldn’t get a penny from gamestop.

  • fsd sdf

    Best Buy is owned by Gamestop, so who cares.  They will still win

  • Johbloom16

    no no there used games are more in they have gears 3 used they sell it for $54.99 at best buy I will sell it at 44.99 or 49.99. so…..yeahhh and we price match trade ins.