Achievers Anonymous: Sonic CD

Hello everybody, and welcome to another Achievers Anonymous meeting.  If you are unsure as to what this segment is about, please refer to prior installments for more information. Today we are going to take a look at how to get one achievement for Sonic CD, made by Blit Software and Christian Whitehead. I am going to help you obtain the Statue Savior achievement, here we go.

Achievement: Statue Saviour

Description: Find the angel statue in Wacky Workbench

Gamerscore Points Earned for unlocking:  10

This isn’t a hard one to get, but there are a couple of things to take into consideration before trying it out. First of all, make sure you have either made it up to the Wacky Workbench stage in the story, or have at the very least selected this world from the time attack stage select screen. In Act 1 of this world, towards the beginning of the level, you will come across a sign that says “Past” on it. After touching this sign, teleport back to the past.

Once you have done this, go back towards the same place where the sign was before, it will look sort of like a metal fence this time around, move right, and then straight down. You will come across an area with a small ramp to the left, and a speed boost powerup to the right. Move up the ramp to the left slighty and Sonic should go through a wall that leads to a secret room. Now, all you have to do is walk over to the statue and that’s it, achievement unlocked.

Well I hope that I helped you earn some easy achievement points, and if there are any other one (or ones) that you are stuck with, let me know by leaving a comment below this post, have fun everybody!