The Game to Finally Get You To Pick Up a 3DS

There haven’t been enough 3DS games to get me to purchase a Nintendo 3DS. Quite frankly, most of the games out now are all recycled Nintendo titles with “3D” features added to them. But after watching the recent Nintendo web conference I’m now convinced that there is one game that will get me to finally pick-up a 3DS.

Tecmo Koei has developed a Fatal Frame spinoff as an augmented reality game called Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook. It includes an AR notebook, which players can scan to enter the game’s world. Maya is inside and throughout the game’s main story you have to solve the mystery of the cursed notebook.

What is very interesting about this game is that you actually scan your own environments at home or the office, and the game adds 3D creepy shit via the 3DS to really capture a sense of third dimensional reality. For those not into horror games this may not be for you, but if Nintendo can use this type of 3D implementation on other upcoming games, then we may finally see the 3DS’ true potential.

Pretty creepy shit, huh? I’m personally excited for this title. Let’s just hope it doesn’t flop. Spirit Camera: The Possessed Notebook comes out in Japan on January 12. No confirmed date for North America.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I’m scared but I kind of want it.