New Alan Wake: American Nightmare Extended Trailer

Remedy Entertainment has recently revealed new details on Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, including an arcade mode and a new extended trailer.

American Nightmare, published by Microsoft and due in Q1 2012, will include an arcade mode called “Fight till Dawn,” where Wake is tasked with surviving a night of enemy onslaughts, racking up points in the process. It’ll offer “loads of new enemies,” a “deep arsenal of weapons” (such as flare guns, nail guns, and Uzis), and safe havens in the struggle to survive.

The game’s story mode centers in on Alan, stuck in an altered reality filled with shadows and an evil doppelganger of himself, Mr. Scratch. He must trek across the Arizona mesa towards the town of Night Springs, where he must stop Mr. Scratch, who has “evil plans” for Alan’s wife, Alice.