DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk Review (iPhone)

Game: DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk
Genre: Action | Arcade
System: iOS/iPhone
Review By: Desz

When I saw Pauly D promoting his iPhone game ‘Beat that Boardwalk’ via twitter, the only thing that came to my mind was “ yeah buddy.” I don’t want to consider myself a Jersey Shore fan; I would rather be placed among the group of young ladies in love with DJ Pauly D for his ripped bod, perfect tan, and his trendy one-liners. With that said, I came into this game with high hopes…unfortunately, I was stuck with a grenade.

Fun Factor: I’m about to crush the game by writing one word: repetitive. The only bit of fun I got out of this game was picking up the Guidette’s along the boardwalk for points, but even that got old very quick.

Gameplay: So here is how it works; you have two arrows (up/down) and a jump button. The main idea is to scroll and jump your way passed brawling bros, grenades, and your ball-busting boss all without being touched all while keeping yourself tanned. You keep yourself tanned by entering these local tanning shops, and without a tan you eventually turn extremely pale and die. In addition to tanning shops, you also have a gym and a laundry mat to keep yourself fresh to def — it’s the whole GTL in full effect. There is even a ‘Guido’ streak activated when you follow the GTL in order – Gym, Tan, Laundry gets you mad points.

The issues came when I started facing the stage bosses. After I beat the first boss, an over-sized Grenade, the game took me back to an identical level to do the same damn thing I just did. When I finally reached the second boss, in this case bosses, I started realizing that the game goes into a boss loop; you get the same three bosses with their difficulty levels only going up a few notches. The receptiveness and the lack of rewards turned me off. Frankly, it’s a bit hard for those looking for a quick pick and go type of game.

Tanning booth, may also cause seizures.

In addition to the repetitiveness issues, the controls could be non-responsive at times, and tanning shops are almost non-existant in certain stages, making it extremely hard to keep a tan and stay in the game.

Graphics: The graphics could not be any more repetitive and pixelated. Sure the game is designed to look simple and fun, but the stages never change! The game keeps the same design and that gets old. No buddy!

Sound: Probably the best part of the game is the music. The game’s default track is a very catchy one, however, the game only supplies you with a few additional tracks which all sound alike, though these DJ Pauly D sound bites do give it an extra Jersey Shore feel.

Only if you like the default track and listening to DJ Pauly D sound clips

Final Score: 1.5 out of 5
DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk
Developer: MEDL MOBILE
Available: iTunes App Store