Would You Wear These? Rogue Territory Safari Trousers


I know, I know, I know I detest camo unless you’re on the battlefield, but you gotta know the rules to break them, right? And anyway, these are fashionable camo pants, which begs the question, “Would you wear these?” What I love about these pants is that they have a more fitted look, and I love the pattern. It’s camo, but it’s unique, it’s called “Rain Drop Camo” and it has something special that makes me take a lingering second look. For $170, I think they’d make a great addition to any fashion forward wardrobe. So ask yourself, would you wear these?

  • Anonymous

    These have Marc aka illmatic written all over them. He wears these to play BF3 and MW3.

  • Marc Villa

    Actually, Adrian (Desz) Martinez is correct. I wear these with my Reebok Zigz as I tear through foes in Modern Warfare 3.

  • Anonymous

    I’d wear these with some stylish chukka shoes.