Take That Vita, Get 2 Nintendo 3DS Systems For only $225

Who said Black Friday was the only day to get the best deals? Right now you can get 2 Nintendo 3DS systems for only $225 via Target. That’s $112.50 each. This is how to get the deal.

You must add 2 3DS systems (either blue, black or red) to your cart and you will see the massive $75 discount take effect for a total of $225 plus shipping. Enjoy!

Check it out: Get two 3DS systems for only $225 via Target.

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  • tarbis

    what an idiotic article, comparing prices of a handheld that’s not even released to a heavily discounted handheld due to overpricing. Great job.

  • Navin Ramkissoon

    LMAO!!! That’s like saying….”Hey! Why spend more on a sexy bikini model, when you can spend slightly less for two ugly fat girls!! lol…