Achievers Anonymous: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Welcome to a long overdue meeting of the gamerscore obsessed group known as Achievers Anonymous. If you are unsure as to what this segment is about, please refer to prior installments for more information. We are going to do things a little bit differently this time around and give a fellow member of the site a chance  to offer up a tip for one of the games they have recently played, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, made by Activision and Toys for Bob. Marc (Illmatic) is going to help you obtain the Phew! That Was Close Achievement, here we go.

Achievement: Phew! That Was Close

Description: In the Leviathan Lagoon level, dodge 30 sharks without being hit.

Gamerscore Points Earned for unlocking:  20

During the first boss fight of the game, a number of different moments occur in which sharks will appear onscreen, requiring you to dodge them in order to stay alive. The idea here is to avoid 30 of them consecutively to get the points. Keep one thing in mind, the screen has to actually slow down for the dodge to count, and if your character is hit by even one shark you will have to restart the process from scratch, so be careful. The best and easiest way to do this is by waiting until the third part of the boss fight where the 3 minions come out all at once. You need to kill 2 of the 3 minions, leaving one alive. I prefer to leave Gill Grunt. There should be a steady stream of sharks for you to dodge now. Wait in the lower left or lower right corners to dodge the entire stream of sharks, wait for achievement to pop.

Well I hope that I helped you earn some easy achievement points, and if there are any other one (or ones) that you are stuck with, let me know by leaving a comment below this post, have fun everybody!

Skylander’s Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack