He’s Back, Sonic CD Release Date Announced

Those looking to relive another classic adventure with their favorite blue hedgehog will not have to wait very long because Major Nelson revealed on his blog today that Sonic CD is heading onto XBLA tomorrow (in Europe and the US) for the low, low price of just 400 microsoft points (5$). As if this wasn’t an awesome announcement by itself, it has also been revealed that the game will include soundtracks from both the US and Japanese versions as well. One more thing, Tails will be a playable character so anybody looking to do some high flying will now be able to do just that.

Here’s the only bit of bad news, PS3 owners will have to wait a week before they can get their hands on this classic adventure, and will have to pay a dollar more for it too ($4.99). Sorry about that but don’t worry, the wait will definitely be worth it, I promise.

Anybody out there looking forward to this game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

P.S.- Europe will receive both the PSN and XBLA versions tomorrow.