PlayStation 3D Display Gets $100 Price Drop – Are You In?

After the PlayStation brand 3D Display was announced at this year’s E3, many people complained about the steep price of $499.99 that Sony decided to retail this bad boy for. With HDTVs coming down in price like nobody’s business, Sony must have learned a few things or so about the display business this past black Friday. Sure, the 24″ PlayStation TV is 3D and has a one-of-a-kind feature called ‘SimulView technology‘, allowing gamers to see two separate 1080p images on the same display, but let’s be real, for $499.99 you can get a much bigger display the whole family can enjoy.

Today, Sony has officially dropped the price of the PlayStation 3D display by $100. So now, you can get the ultimate 3D gaming experience for only $399.99…does this still sound too steep? Let us know if $100 off the original price is the sweet spot you were looking for.

You can get the PlayStation 3D Display via Amazon, check it out: PlayStation 3D Display 24″ $399.99 FREE Shipping

  • 75sikora

    I bought when it came and love it. 3d gaming is a must have now. Also it is hooked up to my computer and when ever I turn on my ps3 or computer it automatically turns on and off. That’s why it has no remote its not needed.

  • Bob

    $400 for the display and the glasses and hdmi cord is a great price. But seeing that you can’t watch cable on it, for a family it would be much better to get a normal 30 or 32 inch tv for that money and play the ps3 on a bigger screen. Its only worth buying if your gonna use it as a computer monitor for pc games. Paying $300 for a ps3 then $400 for display that only plays consoles or can be used for a computer is a waste. The 3d on the tv is great but most games don’t have good 3d in them anyway and movies are worse. Except for a few most of the 3d in movies and games are nothing special. If they made it at least 28 inch and also able to watch cable then it would be worth the money.

    • boB

      Thats what a cable box is for.