Sony Unleashes Secret “Sales” Weapons to Retail Stores

I visited a Target store earlier today and while browsing the video game clearance section I was greeted by a Sony PlayStation sales rep, and this is what happened.

A surprising sneak approach like something from the movie Mr.Deeds is how my friend and I were greeted by the PlayStation Rep at Target today. After the awkward greeting, we decided to allow the rep to manipulate us by pretending like we had no idea what a PS3 even was. The PlayStation Rep was answering every question we had about certain games and consoles and later revealed that she was actually a sales representative for Sony PlayStation.

Apparently, Sony sent out a team of sale’s reps to Targets and Walmart’s all around the country to help shoppers with any PlayStation related questions or advice they may have this holiday season. The PlayStation Rep also told us that this is the first year that Sony has sent out this team to retail stores.

Looks like Sony is trying to win over the customers and the holiday sales. I have to admit, I’m very impressed. Sony sure sent out a secret weapon to retail stores and having this help for shoppers with no gaming knowledge is definitely a smart move. If all of the PlayStation reps are as nice as Deborah, Sony may in fact get the sale numbers they are seeking.

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    • DaEmph

      Are you fuckin’ serious…that bitch is UGLY!!!

      • Wills 2010

        Beauty is the eye of the beholder.

        • Wills 2010

          in* the eye

  • Joe

    It’s not the first year. I’ve been doing this sales rep position for 3 years now.

    • Johnbloom16

      Im a best buy gaming sup the reps are always here. Both ps3 n 360 are great but sorry gears and forza you got nothing on killzone and gran turismo in my opinion

  • Guest

    $ony just needs to F off and DIAF!

    • ppsucksMSdick

      motherfucker i will piss on that suck box 360 and burn your sister’s pussy with RROD

  • No

    Pssh, M$ is the one who hasn’t and can’t do anything right. I say get rid of them and bring back Sega, at least we’ll get good games and good hardware. Right now Nin and Sony are the only two main platforms.

  • Anon Gamer

    I saw the same thing this weekend at Toys R Us. The only thing I didn’t like was that the rep also bad mouthed Nintendo and Microsoft, but in a way that would seem unsuspecting to the average consumer. Nice tactics SONY. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • Unicron7

      How did they bad mouth them?  By telling the consumer things that the PS3 had that the other two lacked?

  • HardcoreMover

    Is their “secret weapon” to release a next gen controller that is perfect for fps’ (the ps-move)  and then do NOTHING to encourage 3d party’s to support it in their fps’ and then brag about how hardcore it is?.

  • True Gamer

    True story a few months back my brothers 360 died after it was hit by a electrical surge so we went to Walmart but the consoles where locked up behind glass and the only person to ask us for help was a Sony sales rep, It was funny having him get a key to get us a new 360 slim LOL

    • Jr32

      You wouldnt of had to buy a new console if you had a PS3 to start with

  • GuessAgain

    @ true gamer: You’re lying. These reps are only there to give advice, not to help.

  • Bas

    Last year when they released the PS Move there was a woman allowing people to play Sports Champions in a walmart and she was a sony rep. A couple weeks later I think, there was a guy who was doing the same thing at bestbuy.

    I guess this is the first time they’re sent reps without a specfic purpose. I think it’s smart. They could convince parents to get the PS3 instead of the Xbox or Wii for their kids this Christmas. I personally don’t really care though.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a secret weapon or anything new lol. Sony, Ms and Nintendo all send out reps once a month to all big retailers. They make sure signs and games are displayed right as well as bring new demo discs. This has been going on for 15+ years.

    • That’s quality assurance, not a sales rep.

      • Anonymous

        No its a sales Rep. I work retail. This is nothing new.

      • Anonymous

        Its sales Rep. I would know I’ve worked retail…at target no less for the last 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Oh as for how nice they are…some of them aren’t nice at all and some are clueless. I met a Nintendo Rep once that knew almost nothing.

  • user5

    Excellent reporting, keep up the good work in the Field guys!

  • Prashanth Ps3

    Whenever i hit Target, i end up advising people there on what games to get on the PS3, and i ultimately end up successfully persuading he/she to get the game the next minute, and i take pride in saying this, Long Live Play!

  • SonyPuppetNoMo

    do not buy any Fony devices, the networks are unsecure