Metal Gear Solid: Rising VGA Trailer Is LIVE With A Huge Surprise

Kojima must be a huge fan of the Bayonetta game developed by Platinum Games, so much that he decided to bring them into the the MGS: Rising project. The following leaked VGA trailer of ‘Metal Gear Solid: Rising” proves that the game is in fact a Platinum Games development, and it shows off Raiden in full hack and slash action; not sure if this was what many anticipated, but Kojima did warn us about his none stealthy gameplay approach for Rising. Also, check out the name change for the game towards the end of the video, it’s now “MetalGearRising: Revengeance.” Check it out.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection by Konami – PlayStation 3

  • Anonymous

    Now a particular fan of “revengeance” as a portmanteau…I think it’s a poor title. 

    • Anonymous

      I love lamp!