Hey Look, Is that Nathan Drake in the Last of Us? Older, Same Voice

As soon as the characters were revealed in the ‘Last of Us’ world premier trailer, it was obvious that Naughty Dog was graphically at it again, proving why they are the game developing company to beat. One of the most interesting parts of the trailer had to be the male character’s identical resemblance to that of Nathan Drake from Uncharted…or could it actually be Nathan Drake himself?

That sounded and looked like an older Nathan Drake in my opinion. What do you think?


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  • Just no.


  • Anonymous

    And actually, the fact that it was a Naughty Dog game was announced in the first two (three?) seconds of the trailer, so your first sentence doesn’t make any sense.

    • OctavioJames

      Somebody needs to refill your glass of haterade. Anyways, this could in fact be Nathan, a news paper article regarding the fungus issues which ‘The Last of Us’ is based on was in Uncharted 3. So, it could be possible that in fact it’s Nathan Drake, but maybe it’s not. This game looks crazy though. PS3!

      • Anonymous

        Why, because I state facts? Naughty Dog’s involvement was revealed in the first second of footage, and actually, it bears little resemblance to Uncharted in terms of the overall feel and plotline. I guess fanboys can’t think objectively though.

        • Anonymous

          No, you’re right, during the trailer, I missed the first few seconds, so I didn’t see the logo. I added a few things to the first sentence. Thanks, MrBushido.

    • Jtc

      He was saying that it was obvious ND was trying to be the best, graphically. Not that he realized it was ND when he saw the characters.

  • Bobloblaw

    Interesting theory.  Could the girl be Nate’s and Elena’s daughter as well

  • Olimysta

    I reckon it is cause in Uncharted 3 you find out that Drake isn’t his real name!