Epic’s New Game ‘Fortnite’ Looks Promising

Epic Game’s Design Director Cliffy B announced, today during the 2011 VGAs, a new Epic IP, ‘Fortnite‘. The game looks promising. Check out the debut trailer below.


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  • Bananatime_57

    Ive bein waiting for a survival shoot for years like this!
    So fucking pumped to build up my defense’s and try to survive the night!

  • Artricity619

    I know this game is gonna be for ps3 but what about for Xbox 360 cause i agree with bannana i would love this game soooooo i need to know

    • Anonymous

      The game is multiplatform.

      • Athian_bit

        this game is for nothing yet Epic has said no news on platform or anything yet

  • Joshdlumley 99

    Woooooooooo fortnight

  • Bnbkc7

    you need to mack it for mac