5 Unexpected Holiday Gifts Your Gamer/Tech Nerd Will Love

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to put together our yearly gift guide to help you get your gaming/tech loved one the perfect gift. Although it’s the thought that counts, having a good idea on what to gift can turn out to be the best surprise for your gaming/tech nerd. But forget the gaming/tech traditional gifts, surprise them with something they won’t see coming but will be glad they received anyway.  Also, forget about the researching part and the stress; we have already done all that for you. The hardest part about this is deciding whether they deserve the following gifts or not.


Sumo OMNI Chair (Buy)

The Sumo Lounge Omni chair makes it to the top of our list, yet again. A gift not only perfect for a gamer, but perfect for the whole family. Sumo Lounge has quickly become a well-known name in the gaming scene for a good reason: “comfortable gaming”. The gamer in your life can be rich with every console and game, but if a good comfortable chair is not part of the package, gaming won’t last long. Why do you think there are so many angry gamers online? It’s not what’s up their ass, it’s what’s not supporting their ass that aggravates them. Sumo Lounge offers a variety of chairs, but the OMNI chair is the best bang for your buck with a light weight, yet supportive chair which gives gaming, or just cooling out, a comfortable and convenient satisfaction . You can pick up a Sumo Gamer Chair from Sumolounge.com

Keurig Special Edition Brewer(Buy)

The Keurig Special Edition Brewer is a coffee machine that specializes in brewing single cups of your favorite coffee. There are many different brands that have jumped on board to support Keurig, including Starbucks! As most gamers know, caffeine is your best friend when you have a long night of gaming ahead of you. The feature that makes this brewer stand out from others is the time it takes to brew a cup of Joe. The Keurig Special Edition can brew a cup of coffee in less than a minute making the setup is easy and the cleanup even easier.

While most people might cringe at the price for the K Cups, they are definitely worth it because the quality of the coffee is noticeable as soon as it touches your lips. My favorite brews so far are the Sumatra Blend from Starbucks and the Bold Blend from Caribou Coffee.

Spotify Premium Subscription (Buy)

Everybody loves music, gamers and tech heads are no exception. For those not familiar with Spotify, you eventually will be part of its world. This revolutionary service has been the best thing to happen since the iPod. Seriously, it’s that good! Spotify is a simple service allowing you to search for any music track at any given time and add it to your very own music collection within the Spotify app.

While Spotify is free to download for both Mac and PC, it allows you to browse and listen for free, their premium service option is what it’s all about. You can say good-bye to the cable “Sync” option used with iTunes; this service when coupled with premium subscription allows you to wirelessly sync your music on the go! So whether you are on the road or sitting at home relaxing, you can download all your collection to your mobile device (iPhone, iPod, Droid) with a high quality 320k bit-rate. This means that you don’t have to buy albums or single tracks, you simply search, find, and play. How awesome is that? The premium Spotify service is $9.99 a month.


Nyko Charging Stations (Buy)

You can never go wrong with a Nyko Charge Station. Not only will your gamer be saving money in the long run, it will also keep their devices fully charged when they need them most. Forget having to buy batteries every time your controllers die, just simply dock or plug in your controllers or rechargeable batteries into the Nyko stations, and bam! Done son. The Nyko chargers are available for all 3 consoles PS3, Xbox, Wii. Take it from us, Nyko chargers work like a charm and it’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.



Gaming Headsets ‘Turtle Beach’ (Buy)

Giving a gamer a gaming headset is a beautiful thing. A quality gaming headset provides a full on gaming experience all while keeping the sound isolated in your ears.  Not only does this make the family happy, it’s also a great way to hear video games the way the developer intended you to hear them. While a gaming headset may in fact be something that a gamer might expect, the main reason why it made it onto our list is because not all gaming headsets are made equal. You wouldn’t want to receive an “unreliable” gaming headset would you? Turtle Beach gaming headsets are top quality and specifically made for the gaming enthusiast. They offer tons of options for all consoles and even offer some exclusive options like the MW3 limited edition headset you see to your left. Now, wouldn’t your grandma look super cool when you open her gift to you, and you see Turtle Beach on the box? Yeah, we thought so.