Late Night Gamer: Fruit Ninja

Even though I feel like total crap right now, there was something I wanted to share with all of you before the night is out. Recently, my girlfriend downloaded the game Fruit Ninja to her phone. Anybody who is not familiar with this title, here is a quick description to bring you up to speed. Basically fruit launches onto the screen, and the player has to use their finger (the blade) to cut through them in order to earn points.  The setup is about as simple as it gets, but underneath its surface this game provides a challenging, yet addictive experience that is very difficult to put down.

After my first time playing it I became instantly hooked. My friends hated me because when it was their turn to play, I didn’t want to hand the phone over to them at all. All of this fun was short lived though, because my girlfriend eventually had to take her phone back from me for one critical reason, the battery had gone dead. You would think that the easy solution to this would be to get it for my 360, that way I could play it all the time. There’s only one problem with that idea, I don’t have Kinect.

Despite this issue, the game was alot of fun to play. Anybody who is looking for a quick time waster to play during their lunch breaks at work, look no further, Fruit Ninja has you covered.