Could a Halo PS3 Exclusive Be Sony’s Surprise?

A capture screen of what appears to be Halo’s Master Chief is clearly seen at the 53 second mark of the latest VGA PS3 exclusive teaser/hyped up video, recently published by Gametrailers. The image is clear and we have it for you. Check it out.

Come on now, there is no way that the Master Chief is coming to the PS3, right? Perhaps it’s all hype to get us to watch the Video Game Awards show this Saturday, or perhaps this is the rumor starter Geoff Keighley was looking for. Whatever the case may be, an IP owned by Microsoft making a PS3 debut would be the only shocking news to me. I guess we will have to wait and find out this Saturday.

  • all of the other VGA videos have the same ending animation, it’s not halo lol

    • J_hervel

      actually they don’t, at least not with master chief in that circle of the ‘V’, i actually believe it could be halo