Alan Wake 2 To Be Digital Title and Premiering During VGAs

Alan Wake 2 will officially make its premier on Saturday during the 2011 Video Game Awards. According to VGA boss and GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley, the premier trailer will be some epic shit. What many gamers may not know is that Alan Wake 2 will be a digital title available through Xbox LIVE when it’s released. The initial assumption was that this particular title would only be an extension to the first game and not Alan Wake 2, due to its none physical disc existence, but Keighley, speaking to Major Nelson, had this to say,

“I’ve seen the game, seen the trailer we’re showing and even though it’s going to be a downloadable game, it’s not a small game. It effectively is, I think, Alan Wake 2 when you really look at it and what they’re doing with that game. It’s really ambitious, beautiful technology and I think people are really going to be excited about it.”

The game will be, according to Remedy, “structured” as if it was a full retail release.

Sounds awesome! Check out the first screen and very short teaser trailer of Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake Returns
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[via VG247]