Shine Runner Now Available For iOS And Android Devices

Vector Unit, creators of the XBLA hit Hydro Thunder Hurricane, has just announced today that their latest game, Shine Runner, is now available for download on all iOS and Android devices. This game doesn’t look all that much different from their first one, as the idea is basically the same. Basically, you are in control of a boat and are trying to smuggle goods to certain locations without being caught by the cops. Kind of reminds me of Pursuit Force on the PSP from back in the day, but with you in the drivers seat of the thief instead of the cops.

Key Game Features:

– The most amazing water physics ever seen on a mobile device

– Completely Destructible Game Environments

– High Definition Visuals

– OpenFeint and Game Center Support that will allow you to earn achievements and compare scores with others on leaderboards

– In-game currency system that will allow you to buy and sell goods in exchange for profit.

If all of this sounds good to you, then by all means spend the $0.99 the developers are asking for it and try it out, have fun!

P.S.-Here is a trailer for the game just to help persuade you even further. Enjoy!