Would You Wear This? H&M Kanye West Bomber Jacket

I really dig fashion but it’s difficult and sometimes nerve wracking trying to find things that I truly see myself in. You see, I am a very simple man who prefers neutral colors and who doesn’t understand the skinny jeans trend. I guess I am just old school, but at the same time I can be inspired by unique styles such as this recently released Versace for H&M Bomber. I really don’t know what it is about this jacket that has me craving it; perhaps the aquatic colors mixed with the leopard print and the love for art, or maybe I just liked how it looked on Kanye during his Victoria Secret fashion show performance with Jay-Z. But I dig , you dig?

The Jacket retails in stores for $129.99, but it can be found on Ebay for $700 due to its limited quantity, Versace label, and the fact that Kanye highly promoted it.

Would you wear this?