Gamepro Magazine and Website Closing Shop

GamePro will officially close its portals to its website on December 5th and the November magazine issue will be the last printed. For those not familiar with Gamepro, GamePro started back in 1989 as a monthly gaming magazine and provided a high level of video game coverage which in turn became one of the most credible and known magazines in the country. Although Gamepro recently changed their monthly magazine releases to quarterly publications, it’s no surprise that the money ran out due to the print business steadily declining.

This is indeed very sad news. Gamepro will always have a place in my heart thanks to its awesome video game coverage since I was a kid, but most importantly its review scale that I could credit as the inspiring foundation to what has now become our review scale here on TQcast. Fun Factor? Yeah that was always a way to tell if Gamepro was involved. Thank you, Gamepro. You will be missed. will start redirecting to now on December 5th.

[Via Gamepro]