What’s So Great About Twilight?

It’s that time once again for another installment of the “What’s So Great About?” series. If you are unfamiliar with what this is all about, take some time right now and check out the other two articles for more information. Today we are going to take a look at a pop culture phenomenon that is sweeping the nation (and pretty much the rest of the world for that matter), the Twilight series. What started as a simple romance story between a vampire and an average looking girl has now turned into an ongoing saga of epic proportions. While many people enjoy this franchise, I tend to find it not very entertaining at all.

I think the reason why this is the case is because I am an outsider looking in, and tend to not understand the whole story. My movie watching experience with these films is limited to about an hour in total across all of them.  Seeing as how each one of them is over two hours or so in length, you can pretty much tell right off the bat that my knowledge of this world is rather limited. All I could really gather from it is the fact that Edward and Bella are romantically involved with each other, and Jacob wants her all to himself. The rest of the story could possibly have something to do with a war between vampires and werewolves, who knows, everything moved along at such a fast pace that it was hard to figure out what was going on.

Another thing that really turned me off to these films were the actors themselves, they were just monotonous and uninteresting. Every line of dialogue they spewed out had about as much emotion as a stale piece of bread, and for some reason, taking off a shirt now qualifies as character development. Nothing they said or did ever made me care for them at all. If you are offended by that statement, I sincerely apologize, but to me it just seemed like they were all on autopilot the whole time.

In an effort to find out more about the series, I decided to ask somebody who has been a fan about it since the beginning, my mother. She said that what brings her into the experience the most is the fact that the story is told from the perspective of one character, Bella. Apparently this is an individual who feels out of place in the world, and through all of these different experiences, she becomes a more well rounded human being. Ok, nothing wrong with that, but the message could have been brought to the forefront in a more meaningful way at least.

This is just one person’s opinion though, so don’t take it as gospel, because more than likely there are plenty of other reasons why somebody would enjoy this stuff so much. Apparently alot of you out there must like it too, because this franchise has ranked in millions upon millions of dollars for many, many years now. If anybody is a fan of the series, that’s great, but indulge me for a minute and let me know something, what I am not seeing here?, does the story go deeper than I think it does?, is this something made for one specific group of people?, please tell me, what’s so great about the Twilight series?

  • Marc Villa

    This series is epic gayness

  • Desz

    I have never been into the Twilight series, however, I really got into the teen wolf series on MTV thanks to my older son, which from what I hear is a weak attempt at Twilight.