What’s So Great About Bridesmaids?

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another iteration of the “What’s So Great About?” series. If you are not familiar with what’s going on here, then be sure to read our previous article to find out what this is all about. Before I go any further with today’s topic let’s make one thing perfectly clear, this has nothing to do with my actual feelings towards real Bridesmaids in any way shape or form, but more or less with the movie adaptation that came out this past year. Apparently the film was a big hit that many people found to be extremely funny, but to tell you the truth, I still can’t figure out the reason behind their laughter.

After watching my favorite football team (who shall remain nameless) lose yet another game to a somewhat mediocre team they had a chance to beat, my girlfriend, best friend, and myself were looking for something to do. I told both of them that I had just rented the movie Bridesmaids from my local video store, and was wondering if they were up for checking it out. Not sure about what else we could do, they both agreed to do this, so the disc went into the DVD player, and what happened next could only be described as two hours of our lives that we could never get back. Be warned, boredom lies ahead, if you are not up for falling asleep then please do not read any further.

The setup is a simple, yet believable tale about a woman who is missing something in her life, but is not sure exactly what that something is. Out of nowhere, her best friend says that she is going to get married, and, as luck would have it, she wants our main character to join in on the festivities. What happens after this is a series of very random, sometimes humorous, but mostly gross moments that are supposed to come off as funny, but end feeling more mean spirited than anything else. To be fair, I did find a few parts to be somewhat enjoyable, but they didn’t occur often enough to persuade me, in any way shape or form, that this was one of the best comedies of the year.

An argument a few people might present to someone in a situation like this is ” Well, the movie was made for girls, so only they are supposed to enjoy it”. Okay, let me tell you exactly how my girlfriend felt about it. Remember when I made that statement a couple of paragraphs ago about this being two hours we could never get back? Those were her words, not mine. Here’s another thing, while I did find some parts of this movie to be enjoyable, she hated everything about it. She also said that if this is being referred to as a female version of ” The Hangover” , that the only way someone could possibly enjoy this is is if they were drunk in the first place.

Despite all of these complaints, someway, somehow, this movie has still received critical acclaim across the board. Mentioning numbers and ratings from review sites isn’t a fair thing to do, but seriously, how in gods name did a mediocre film like this get a 90% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, how? If you enjoyed it, fine, I’m glad you a had a great time, but tell me this, what about it did I not understand? Were the jokes just played out for my generation?, Is this only made for women?, please tell me, what’s so great about the movie Bridesmaids?

  • Desz

    wow I can’t believe you didn’t get this movie. This movie was so good and funny. I wasn’t expecting a funny movie at all after I saw who the main cast was, but I was powened! This movie is great, who cares about a story the random shit that happened was enough to make me recommend this movie.