The Biggest ‘Friday’ Movie is Coming Says Ice Cube

Ice Cube recently tweeted that the 4th ‘Friday‘ movie is in the works! This also means that we might be getting closer to finally seeing Chris Tucker recapitulate the role that put him on the map in the original 1995 ‘Friday’ movie as ‘Smokey’.

According to Ice Cube, he’s working out a deal with New Line Cinema.

Twitter alert: “The 4th Friday movie is in the works. Working out a deal with New Line Cinema,” Cube wrote on Twitter yesterday (November 16).

While the rapper/actor/director made no mention of Tucker, Tiny Lister, who played neighborhood bully Deebo in the original 1995 film told TMZ that Tucker and Cube are in discussions.

“There’s a lot of conversations that will hopefully go down next week with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, then we’re gonna do one more Friday,” Lister said. “This is gonna be the big one.”

In August 2010 Cube talked about his desire to have Chris reprise his role as “Smokey.”

“That’s my dream. I hope so, I even want Chris Tucker in it. I think that’s what everybody wants to see,” Ice Cube stated. “They want to see all of us together. I’ve been campaigning trying to put that together. I’m going to keep campaigning until the idea is so old nobody wants to see it.”

Tucker’s last film was 2007’s Rush Hour 3. According to Deadline, he has been hesitant to do another Friday movie due to all of the weed smoking depicted in the film, but that seems to have changed if Lister is correct.

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  • Catero2002

    this will be the shitznit!