What’s So Great About Paranormal Activity?

Welcome to a new series of articles for TQCast that deals with some of the most popular aspects of pop culture that we take for granted nowadays. I just don’t understand why people follow things so blindly, and get offended when you ask them the question “What’s So Great About It”?. Not everything is fantastic to everybody, so what’s the problem with finding out a little bit more about something before you make your decision? Our first discussion is going to center around the latest craze in horror movies, Paranormal Activity.

Here’s the story, on Halloween, my girlfriend and I went to our local video store in hopes of renting a scary movie to watch together. After debating for a little while, we eventually settled on checking out a couple of different titles, one of which was PA. Not knowing anything other than the concept led me to being a little bit skeptical at first, and once we arrived back at home, that feeling never went away. There was just something about it that felt off to me, but I really couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason behind my confusion.

The idea of this film is centered around unusual events that occur at night, which then lead people to believe that something in the house is haunting them for some particular reason. To make things feel more close to home, footage was shot in a more realistic matter, with less special effects, and more believeable interactions between each character. To be fair, this set up is pretty good, but it never pays off at all. I think the main reason why it didn’t was due to pacing issues between scenes, especially during the supposed scary parts.

Way too much time passed between one event and another that when something finally did happen, it felt more out of place than anything else. Scaring somebody is one thing, trying to recapture their attention after about a half an hours worth of mindless dialogue is another. Who really needs to know about your swimming skills?, I certainly don’t, just get to the good part already and stop wasting my time. As for the special effects, they were exciting and entertaining to watch, but didn’t make me cringe or worry at all about what could happen to these people.

I felt confused after all was said and done, wondering why anyone could even find this to be a remotely enjoyable experience in the least. Apparently they do though, because this has now spawned into a franchise in which I have now watched two movies from (don’t ask me why,the second one was longer and even more boring than the first). If you are a fan, and have enjoyed every movie in the series, more power to you. Did I miss something about the plot?, not understand the concept well enough?, or forget to leave my brain at the door and just have a good time? Please tell me, what is so great about Paranormal Activity?

  • Rae

    I think the reason why people like this movie so much is because they watch it in the cinema so that it’s a cathartic scaring experience that they have with dozens of other people. Watching it in your home will not have the same affect. However, I agree with you. This movie isn’t scary in general, I just enjoyed the theatre-going experience.

    • Alf

      oh wow. u sound hot!