Saints Row: The Third Review

Game: Saints Row: The Third
Genre: Action Adventure
System: Xbox 360
Review by: Illmatic

Saints Row has come a long way since the very first offering. Character customization, story progression, gameplay mechanics, even basic mission objectives have all been revamped and fueled with a desire to win. In the third installment, we find our beloved Saints moving out of Stilwater and moving on up into Steelport. But even with these improvements and new location, does Saints Row: The Third live up to the hype surrounding it and surpass its predecessors? I think so.

Story: Saints Row: The Third opens up with a very climatic sequence in which we find The Saints robbing a bank, only to find out that they have company. Overly protected guards and police try to take down the celebrity-like Saints using all and any force needed to accomplish the takedown. After an intense battle with the law, the Saints are finally taken down and given an all expenses paid trip to the big house. After this uber climatic scene, players can kind of get a taste of what is to be expected from Saints Row: The Third. Shortly after, the Saints land in Steelport via jumping out of an airplane,(I know,crazy right). When the Saints hit Steelport they are welcomed with a rude awakening. Realizing that their assets have been compromised, The Saints must live up to their hype and build their reputation and cash-flow back to what it once was. During your stay in Steelport, you will meet a host of friendly faces and a plethora of unfriendly foes. This is just the beginning. As you progress through the story, (I won’t go too much into detail to avoid spoilers) you will encounter things you never expected to see in a Saints Row game, like zombies! Yes, zombies do make a debut in Saints Row: The Third, but that is just one of the many surprises you will find along your journey.

Gameplay: Ok, where do I start. I wish I could just say, this game has awesome gameplay. Unfortunately, I can’t write that so I will try my best to disect the gameplay that is Saints Row: The Third. Completing missions is obviously a huge part of Saints Row: The Third. Throughout the game you will be given random missions to complete, some are side quests (which don’t need to be completed for the story to progress), and some main story missions. The missions in SR3 aren’t your typical Point A to Point B. Instead you will find yourself using radio controlled missiles to take down tanks, flying head first into oncoming airplanes and even beating the living shit out of your foes with Dildos. Yes, you read that correctly. Which brings me to my next point. Saints Row: The Third was created with fun in mind. SR3 is so over the top that you will continuously find yourself grinning like a sadistic little whore during your playtime. Like previous Saints games, you can recruit the fine citizens of Steelport to join your gang, making you an unstoppable force. Taking over islands in Steelport is also a key component of the game. Taking over territory grants you respect and an hourly income. There are many activities and tasks that you must complete in order to take over someones turf and claim it as your own.

Customization in Saints Row: The Third is huge this time around. New to Saints Row: The Third is weapon customization. Weapons can be upgraded and customized to give you the ultimate weapon with unmatched stopping power. While not all weapons in the game are upgradeable, about 95% of them are. Think your baseball bat needs an upgrade, no problem, head on over to Friendly Fire and add nails to that baby. Building customizations is also a cool feature in SR3. When ever you take over an enemy stronghold, it can be upgraded into a pimped out lounged or a classy sky scraper, the choice is yours. Vehicles can be pimped out as well by heading on over to Rim Jobs. Everything from torque, paint, rims, interior and spiked hubcaps can be customized.

To say that Saints Row: The Third is lacking in the Gameplay department would be a flat out lie.

Graphics: The visuals in Saints Row: The Third have gone through a complete makeover, for the better. Environments look bright, crisp and absolutely lovely. If you have played any of the previous games in the Saints Row series you will be pleasantly surprised with the updated visuals and new art direction. However, there are a few flaws. The game does suffer from screen tears and frame rate issues. While these are easily visible, they won’t take away from your experience with Saints Row: The Third. Think of them as tiny little annoyances. You know, the fly that won’t leave you alone.

Sound: Believe it or not, the audio in Saints Row: The Third is top notch. Everything from voice acting to the musical soundtrack. The dialogue in the game is very witty and at times, crude. There are plenty of lines in the game to keep you rolling on the floor laughing your ass off. One thing I want to note is the licensed soundtrack. There are so many awesome songs that were gathered that truly make this a special offering. During my playthrough I can’t remember skipping any of the tracks from any of the radio stations, thats how good the music is.

Replayability: While Saints Row: The Third took me about 15 hours to complete, I had only completed about 75% of the actual game. There are tons of side missions to keep you coming back for more. Alongside the side missions is the brand spanking new game mode titled, Whored Mode. Whored Mode is THQ’s answer to EPIC’s Horde Mode, with less locust and more dildos. Whored Mode pits you against the whoriest of foes in 30 intense waves, spanning 3 different maps. This mode can either be played cooperatively or all by yourself. While Whored Mode is fun, it does get repetitive after a while. In addition to Whored Mode, players can complete the Campaign co-operatively with a buddy or a total stranger, bringing new life to Saints Row: The Third. There is planned DLC in the making so replayability for this game is superb.

All in all, if you are looking for an over the top game that is funny as hell, look no further than Saints Row: The Third. The simple to learn controls and highly adult themed content will definitely make this purchase worth it.

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5!

Saints Row: The Third
Developer: Volition
Publisher: THQ
Metacritic: 88
MSRP: 59.99

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