Tropico 4 DLC, “Junta”, Hits XBOX 360 And PC Nov. 9. 2011

El Presidente and his Minister of Communications, the wondrous Penultimo, are pleased to announce that Kalypso will release a new DLC pack for Tropico 4 for both the Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Dubbed “The Junta”, the new DLC pack will be available for 400MSP on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on November 9, and via Steam for Windows PC on November 11 for $4.99USD.

The military-themed Junta DLC includes –

*New Building: “Bunker” – functions like a larger and more expensive Guard Station, does not require generals, houses five soldiers.

*Character Trait: Veteran (Avatar performs better in battle, improved militarist respect)
Character Outfit / Vanity Item: Dress Uniform (female)

*Decoration Items: Guard booth, Small observation tower, Camouflaged ammo depot, Concrete barricades, APC
Mission theme: “New Sparta” – build a militaristic society while being constantly pressured by the rebels