Grand Theft Auto V Debut Trailer and What You May Have Missed

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V game, get ready to be blown away! Literally…the game looks hot! Check out the trailer after the break.

We hope that you enjoyed the trailer, but now check out some of the things you may have missed, thanks to gamingbolt.

  • The game has a better color palette, everything looks much better compared to GTA 4.
  • The song used in the trailer is by the Small Faces, called “Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake/Afterglow.” You can watch the video here.
  • There are jets.
  • You can buy houses.
  • Insane chases
  • Mt. Chilead will return.
  • The game is set in San Andreas. Please check the image on top of this article for clues.
  • Countryside exploration
  • Beaches
  • Lots of minigames
  • Heavily modified engine
  • They’re gonna do a representation of Los Angeles again, which is apparent from the similar skyline and the Vinewood logo.
  • The game seems to be following GTA IV in its footsteps of realistic and dramatic storytelling.
  • The gameplay will be more sandbox, kind of like GTA San Andreas, because it looks like they’re bringing back several mini games and places like gyms etc.
  • The game will also include a mountainous region.
  • The protagonist is looking to become a “good guy” and a “family man”, so yo can probably look forward to many Niko-like moral dilemmas.
  • Looks like you might be able to fly planes again.
  • The music is gonna be freaking awesome considering the song used in the trailer.
  • Los Puerta is a lot more developed and urbanised than Liberty City is, and it looks like it has a better police force too.
  • You can expect the same old GTA humour. I mean, come on- a jet ski from a company called “Speedophile”? Construction equipment having a logo that says “STD Contractors”? Classic.
  • The protagonist is probably involved in some construction business, or architecture or something like that and looks very familiar. Any guesses? Possible answer posted below the image.

and Tommy Vercetti? Yeah, he looks old now.

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