Metal Gear Solid Rising Thanks to the Xbox 360

By now most gamers are aware of the rumor that Metal Gear Solid: Rising has a good chance of being revealed next month via the PSM UK November edition. What is undeniably guaranteed is that this new MGS game will be the biggest title in terms of success in Metal Gear Solid’s history, and for a good reason…the Xbox 360.

Without a doubt PlayStation has been the king of exclusive titles within this console generation and all PS3 owners continue to expect this superior level of title exclusivity the PlayStation 3 has to offer. As gamers we have to understand that it’s not about consoles, it’s about games. If you are a hard-core gamer you will play any console, any time, without hesitation, but for those that pick and choose which side to play on, some of the best games ever created will slip away and will never make it into your game repertoire. However, in some rare occasions, the gaming companies pull the trigger on what many exclusive gamers can only dream about — bringing a hot franchise to their very own console of choice. In this case, Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Many Sony fans were stunned about the news that Rising would be a multi-platformer. In fact, many a gaming communities expressed their explicit rage towards Konami when this was announced. But, let’s be real…Konami is not trying to piss-off their huge fans, they are simply into the money-making business, and they know what kind of numbers the Xbox 360 can pull when it comes to highly anticipated titles in hot demand. So, why be angry? This is not a sell-out, this is a takeover on what could very well be the beginning of something grand for Konami.

Let’s look at the numbers. Metal Gear Solid: Guns of Patriots, which is a PS3 exclusive title, has sold over 5 million copies world-wide since its release in 2008. Now, let’s take a look at the numbers of a little game called Gears of War 3, which came out several weeks ago and it has shipped over 4 million copies and counting – yes, that’s in weeks alone.

Konami knows this and if you consider yourself a gamer, you should too. Ask any Xbox 360 fan which franchise they would like to take from Sony and Metal Gear Solid would more than likely be on that list. For those of you not familiar with Metal Gear Solid, this Rising game will not be their silly attempt to bring this game to other consoles, it’s Konami’s chance to show the world what they can truly do in terms of numbers with highly anticipated multi-platform titles. Konami’s biggest success is coming and we should all be ready for its takeover.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – Xbox 360 and PS3

  • Megaman X

    I just know one thing… I’m gonna buy this game day one on PS Triple! And you can bet that those 5 million people that bought MGS4 on PS3 are gonna do the same with Rising. It’ll be luck if Rising even gets to sell half a million on the Xbox. MARK MY WORDS. 😉