Nintendo Download of The Week: 10/27 Edition

What a surprise, another installment of Nintendo Downloads is upon us, and as expected, the offerings are as unusual as ever. From exploring pyramids to building burgers, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Does that mean that any of these titles are even remotely worth playing, let’s find out. Here it is, my pick for Nintendo Download of the Week for October 27th, 2011.

My pick for this week is going to have to go to Anima: Ark of Sinners for the Wiiware service. It has an ESRB rating of T for Teen, and will be available for download soon, through the Wii Shop Channel, at the asking price of 1000 Wii Points. The reason that I picked this game above the rest was because you just don’t see Action Adventure Platformers hit the service too often, especially ones that look like alot of care and attention were put into them. Anybody up for something a little bit different should go ahead and download this one as soon as possible.

Those who are looking for something to do on the go will have one new 3DSWare title, one new 3DS VC title, two new DSiWare titles, and one new Nintendo Video to check out. Being chased by a boulder in an Indiana Jones movie is all i can think about when playing something called Pyramids. If cooks actually made burgers the same way in real life as they did in BurgerTime Deluxe, I’m sure people would think twice before eating them. Become the king of the board in Academy: Checkers. Gather up as much candy as you can in Halloween: Trick or Treat. Apparently the cast of Shrek decided to do a music video based on Thriller, so umm… yeah, not too much I can say about that.

All of this, and more, can be found in the eShop, DSi, and Wii Shop Channels very soon, have fun!