Puss In Boots: The Video Game Available Today!

Today gamers will step into the legendary boots and discover just how much swordsmanship, charm and flair one cat can contain, in the Puss In Boots video game from THQ.

“We’ve created a game that really delivers both stunning graphics and spectacular swashbuckling action in a way that’s never been done before,” said Martin Good, Executive Vice President of PlayTHQ, the company’s division for kids, family and casual games. “It’s packed with real-time sword-fighting, incredibly interactive environments and altogether very exciting gameplay.”

About the Puss In Boots Video Game

Available on Kinect for Xbox 360 (SRP $49.99), PlayStation 3 (SRP $39.99, Move-compatible), Wii (SRP $29.99) and Nintendo DS (SRP $29.99), the Puss In Boots video game takes players on a wild journey into the past of the legendary hero, long before he met Shrek.

With blazing motion-based sword-fighting gameplay, players must swing, kick, block and unleash special attacks such as Puss In Boots’ “Claw Frenzy.” Players can also use his feline sneaking abilities to avoid detection, climb, strategically hide behind objects and nimbly navigate treacherous passages.

  • lol..must be a slow ass news day. haha

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  • Oh look, another mediocre cash in video game based off a popular movie, who didn’t see this coming (insert sarcasm).

  • Looks like a Wii game.