Bit.Trip Complete Review

Game: Bit. Trip Complete
Genre: Rhythm and Music
System: Wii
Review by: MrB4

Out of the different digital platforms available nowadays, the Wiiware service seems to get the least amount of attention. One argument for this could the fact be that their lineup doesn’t exactly consist of anything other than party games, and if anybody has taken the time to browse through it’s library, they would see that this is true for the most part. From time to time though, a few memorable titles managed to sneak through the monotony, and ended up giving us a certain kind of experience that we just won’t find anywhere else. Inside of this short stack of great titles, a series known as Bit. Trip stood out to me the most, probably because each of one these little adventures reminded of the good old days when games were more about having fun than earning gamerscore points. Now the developers have decided to put everything together into one collection for the Wii entitled Bit. Trip Complete, and believe me when I say this, they (Gaijin Games) really went the extra mile for their fans, and then some, let’s check it out.

Graphics: Beautiful in a simplistic kind of way. Those looking for high texture resolutions, and largely detailed environments may want to steer clear here. Everything is presented in a retro style, from the bright and vibrant color scheme, to the pixelated character designs, and even the blocky level layouts are reminiscent of something from back in the NES, or even Atari 2600 days, and I love that. Animations are also limited to a few number of moves as well, which is ok, because each game only requires the player to do one or two things anyway.

Gameplay: Fun, challenging, frustrating, rewarding, and addicting are the best terms to use here. Each individual title draws you in with it’s simple setup, provides a sense of comfort for awhile, and then throws a curveball at you to make things even more challenging than before. Having quick reactions, a little bit of common sense, tons of patience, and good memorization skills are the keys to success. Quite a bit of epic failing will occur at times as well, but please keep one thing in mind, it’s all worth it in the end, because the unlockables (which I won’t spoil for anyone) are just downright awesome.

Sound: Quite possibly my favorite part of the entire package, mainly because the soundtrack is actually incorporated in the gameplay of each game (repetitive word use there, sorry). The compositions themselves consist primarily of electronic keyboard noises, and they are a delight to listen to. Sound effects, as expected, are nothing special, but they get the job done.

Wishes or changes: The only thing that I wish was changed here was the fact that every extra has to be earned by completing certain objectives in each one of the games, otherwise, everything is at it should be.

TQ Bottom Line: Anybody who appreciates something a little bit more on the unusual side will have a great time with Bit. Trip Complete. Fans of the series will be pleased with just how much time and care was put into this collection for them, and will more than likely be competing against each other on the online leaderboards, along with trying to beat the 120 new challenges, for years to come.

Bit. Trip Complete
Gaijin Games
Aksys Games
Metacritic: 87
MSRP: $39.99