Late Night Gamer: The Man Show

Before the night is out, I thought that it would be fun to reminisce with all of you about a show I grew up with in high school, The Man Show. Back in 1999, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla decided to help out their fellow men by hosting a show that emphasized the male spirit in a way that no other program ever had. Toilet humor, beautiful women on trampolines, a guy who could drink beer like a fish, what more could you ask for? Even though people around my age at the time( around 15 years old or so) couldn’t partake in most of these activities, for obvious reasons of course,today it reminds us of a simpler period in our lives where we didn’t take things so seriously, and just had alot of fun watching people degrade themselves in numerous ways.

After a four year run, the guys decided to call it quits, and handed the show over to comedians Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope. While some of the skits these guys did were funny, there was no denying that they just didn’t have the same chemistry as the first hosts did, and sadly, their reign was halted after only two seasons. Now going on and on about some of my favorite skits from the series would take a long time to do, so instead of doing that, why don’t I just share a clip with all of you from the show. If you were a fan of it as well, please share some of your favorite moments with us in the comments below.

So long Jimmy and Adam, we will miss you, and long live the original Man Show (1999-2003)

Here is a quick clip for you where the man show boy tries to get someone to buy beer for him, funny stuff. By the way, I deserve no credit for this video, all rights go to Comedy Central.